Wine Me Up Candles

Artisan Craft Cocktails is honored to announce a partnership with the local Huntington Beach, CA family-owned business Wine Me Up.

The Story

Denise and her husband Jim, and two sons, Dane, and Jacob, started making candles in her garage from up-cycled bottles to help their sons in their fraternity philanthropy efforts. When the pandemic forced Denise's two son's early return home from college, Denise and the entire family rolled up their sleeves and went to work.  Once her son's position as philanthropy chairman ended, they decided to start a local small business to continue a hobby that they grew to love.  We recently learned about Denise and Wine Me Up as part of one of Huntington Beach’s local Facebook groups. 

The Process

Artisan Craft bottles are up-cycled, hand-cut, and sanded locally here in Huntington Beach, CA. Once they are smooth, each candle is filled by hand with a propriety blend of white soy wax.  Wine Me Up carefully selects only premium cotton wicks for a clean burn. 

The Offerings 

Wine Me Up Candles is currently offering two sizes of candles on our shop; the 10 oz. Artisan Glass as well as the 750 ml. bottle.  Our handcrafted candles are beautiful gifts and the large 750 ml. bottles burn for more than sixty hours. 
Handcrafted candles are available in a variety of scents; azalea, banana, coffee, peach Bellini and Sex Wax  (Yes, ;) the iconic smell of Mr. Zogg's Sex Wax).  Experience the beauty and aroma as the melted candle wax burns to the edges of the bottle to reveal the beautiful azalea flower background. 

The Opportunity

Support a local Huntington Beach business.
Add one to your next purchase to set the mood while sipping Artisan Craft Cocktails after dark. 
These premium artisan candles are carefully crafted to be the perfect gift for any occasion.
Order today and bring home the aroma of the beach.  Create shared memories and good vibes wherever you go.