Episode 1 : Bottles and Cans Just Wash Your Hands

Episode 1 : Bottles and Cans Just Wash Your Hands

We begin our Artisan Craft process of product development and process optimization with the intent to answer these very important questions:

 "Could a handcrafted cocktail that is pre-made, preserved and then poured from a small glass bottle,  really measure up to one created only minutes before?"

When placed side by side next to a freshly made counterpart, would it be able to pass a blind taste test? 

Could and would each handcrafted beverage represent the ethos of the original recipe "reference model"? 

Frankly, is this a good idea, or are we just crazy for believing this is even possible?  

April 4th, 2020, we began by bottling samples. 

To properly test our theory we would have to overcome a unique set of obstacles and challenges.

Creating a handcrafted cocktail is a detailed process.  At Artisan Craft Cocktails every drink is hand crafted work of art. 


The ingredients, measurements and timing is crucial to the craft.  Every step of the process needs to be carefully documented to ensure each recipe could be recreated to perfection.

At the time of this post, COVID-19 is a global pandemic affecting more than 1 million people.  The state of California where our company is based, is "shelter in place". All of this testing had to take place during quarantine.  Securing supplies, bottles and spirits has become a challenge. 

Social distancing has forced our team to meet using Zoom.  The most simple group tasting exercise which in person would taken only minutes, now will take weeks. Collecting these results has been difficult.

The process of bottling at home is also challenging.  Strict precautions are taken (Including, but not limited to: the use of disinfectants, gloves and masks) to ensure the initial bottling process was done in a clean and safe environment.  


In about a month we will have the results.   We will learn whether or not our product will require refrigeration, what our shelf life will be, and if our bottled handcrafted cocktails will pass the taste test.   

Photo credit on this post belong to my beautiful wife, Pamela Rivera.  

We will be posting updates, test criteria and results as new information becomes available. 

Stay tuned, more to come... 

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Episode 2: Failure is Bitter Sweet

Episode 2: Failure is Bitter Sweet


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