Who We Are


Our Mission

Our passion for the perfect cocktail stems from a reverence for the table.

We strongly believe our deepest sense of community, equality, and devotion to one another is expressed at the table. We believe these shared values embody our mission, so much so, we are compelled to share them.

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” - James Allen

The Spirit of Dining™ was created to convey the idea that a single shared dining experience has the power to transcend race, religion, and social status.

Our hope is that when our drinks are shared at your table, for that moment in time, there is a sense of unity.

Out of a sense of mutual respect, we honor one another.

We choose to set our differences aside, and together we toast to a better future.

We “raise a glass to freedom”, and we lower it with a spirit of gratitude.

It’s the passion for the perfect cocktail that binds us together and makes us stronger. We invite you to be a part of our mission and are honored you are taking the time to read these words.

You’ve got great taste!

Our Story

Artisan Craft Cocktails was born in Huntington Beach, California during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like countless others in the United States, I became one of the millions furloughed in March 2020.  Our family of five was severely impacted when much of the state of California was placed under quarantine. 

Amidst a sea of uncertainty; one thing was clear.  There existed a passion in me for creating and sharing great cocktails, oddly enough, sharing them was most satisfying.

The dining experience at the table became the genesis of a language of passion.

Out of my deep appreciation for whiskey and bourbon, the first recipes I created were bold and boozy.  Eventually, the bolder whiskey drinks slowly transitioned into smarter, sweeter, smoother dessert-style cocktails that we could enjoy together, at the table.  

There was still one critical piece of the puzzle missing.  

I began crafting cocktail recipes around stories, each ingredient playing a key role.  I based the stories on places I had been, films that inspired me, nostalgic childhood experiences that brought back fond memories.  These recipes were written in a small grey book, and shared with friends and family, at the table.  The favorites of this sweeter side of whiskey eventually became known as “Batch #001”.

Sharing these stories alongside the cocktails with friends and family at the dining table was the thing that inspired me to create Artisan Craft Cocktails.

The reality is, in the face of adversity, each one of us is eventually confronted with a choice.  We can allow depression, doubt, and fear to guide us, or we recognize the opportunity, often disguised as hard work, and choose to overcome. 

Although creating an alcohol brand during a pandemic was not going to be easy, our family committed to venture the uncharted path.  The right team quickly presented itself, a group of talented multi-disciplined misfits from all walks of life. 

As I look to the future we are optimistic and full of anticipation. I believe we are living in a craft cocktail renaissance.

The Spirit of Dining™ is something we can’t wait for you to experience.

Although our company was birthed in a season of sickness and uncertainty, it was carefully crafted from the chaos. 

We recognize what we have been able to accomplish during the past few months amidst disease, quarantine, fires, and social unrest was not without challenge, and yet nothing short of miraculous.

Our journey is a testament to what is possible when you mix the grace of God with the relentless nature of the human spirit, stirred but not shaken.

So now, our commitment to the craft is fueled by passion.

Our mission is driven by the Artisan soul.

Our values of equality, friendship, and devotion are tattooed on our hearts.

We have no intention of getting back to life as we knew it, for we understand the world has changed.

We believe it has changed for the better.

We hope to see you at the table! 


Daniel and his wife Pamela, the founders of Artisan Craft Cocktails, are Southern California natives and currently reside in Huntington Beach, CA.  Daniel grew up in Norwalk, CA, and later developed his passion for music, audio, technology, and business. Pamela grew up in Buena Park, CA, and currently is a mom of three and an RN.  They are both avid foodies.  Daniel and Pamela have three children, two boys, Jacob, Judah, and a four-year-old daughter James Everleigh "Kiki" Rivera.