Artisan Virtual Socials

The Offering

Artisan Craft Cocktails is now offering a collection of premium luxury virtual social events for weddings, virtual happy hour, and virtual cocktail tastings.  Each virtual experience package includes a host, a trio gift box, a cocktail glass and instructions.Packages can be tailored to meet the unique needs of weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties or corporate events.  Our virtual tastings are the perfect way to bring business colleagues, sports teams, friends and family, couples and special interest groups together for a fun online shared social experience unlike any other.  Our virtual tasting is designed to introduce you to the Artisan Craft Cocktails company ethos, walk you through each of the Batch #001 trio of Artisan Craft Cocktails.  We share the stories behind each drink, explain their ingredients, pairings, garnishes.  We will cover presentation and preparation including glassware, and barware.

Who is it for?

Our virtual happy hour experience is the perfect gift for a small, medium and large groups.  Our virtual tastings can be adapted for groups of 7 people or more.  Our team has experience presenting for private groups as well as corporate groups as large as 600+.  
Corporate Events
Cocktail Education
Virtual Happy Hour
Team Building 
Poker night / Game night
For weddings
Rehearsal dinners
Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties
Gifts for the bride and groom
Gifts from the bride and groom for the wedding party

What we provide? 

Each package includes a trio gift box and all of the instructions including what to prepare before the virtual tasting experience. 
Artisan Craft Cocktails will package and pre-ship you and your everything in advance.  On the day of you will be provided a custom URL and a host who will curate your tasting. 

How do we get started?

Please text "VIP" to 1-714-276-1712 and a member of our team will follow up to discuss the event with you in person.